The Safety and Health Committee investigates safety and health complaints from members and takes appropriate action to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.  This includes filing OSHA complaints when necessary.  They also investigate serious accidents, OSHA violations, and represent  the Union at OSHA hearings.

Sean Els -  Chairman -  Full time Union Safety Rep


Tom Dowling -  Full time Union Safety Rep

Adam Holland

Daryl Smith

Mike Poole

Curtis Green

John Lidderdale Jr.

Barry Allison


Trish Hostetler - Full time Union Safety Rep

Katrina Fitzgerald

Don Adams

Shawn Lindner

Shane Sickafoose

Mike Kemp


Scott Mathie - Full time Union Safety Rep

Chad Steiner

Mark Moore

Eric Hawn

Brock McDevitt

Mike Henderson


Joe Plott - Safety Chairman

Scott Baldwin


List of Committees

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