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Portsmouth Paducah Project Office 

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate the complexities associated with our current work environment. I especially want to thank the mission essential employees that have continued to perform critical tasks to keep PPPO sites safe, compliant and functioning during this time. On May 7, the Secretary of Energy provided overarching guidance for DOE leadership to consider in the development of departmental/site facility plans for a safe return to of federal employees and onsite contractors to occur in three phases. As EM sites across the DOE complex are beginning to return to work I want to share an update from the Portsmouth Paducah Project Office. PPPO and our contractors are formally working plans for a deliberate and phased approach to safely resuming full operations that moves us from our current posture toward more normal operations, utilizing guidelines provided by the White House, DOE senior leadership and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The approach will be based on a risk analysis that considers several factors, including available health data, state and local restrictions and facility preparedness. 

The top priority at PPPO is the health and safety of employees at our sites. Each phase of the return to work plans prioritizes employee safety and well-being. Once PPPO’s plans have been approved by DOE HQ senior management you will be notified by your respective employers of return to work dates and details. 

I appreciate your resilience during this challenging time and look forward to returning with you to our “new” normal. 

Robert E. Edwards, Manager

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April 2, 2020
The following is an announcement from the U.S. Department of Energy:
PPPO's Portsmouth, Paducah and Lexington sites will continue essential
minimum critical operations with maximum telework until further notice.
Fluor-BWXT employees not identified to support the current operational
status should NOT return to work on April 7th as previously directed. When
a defined return to work date is established, all workers will be
Please continue charging your time as previously directed. Contact your
supervisor with questions or call the FBP human resources hotline at
For employees working their normal shift, ensure the Screening Tool for possible COVID-19 Infection is completed by your supervisor.  For those employees not working their normal shift make sure you call 3030 for accountability and if your supervisor is not available call the PSS office for COVID-19 screening.  

*As a reminder, there are a number of communication methods whereby site employees can gather information about the COVID-19 situation as it pertains to the PORTS site.
•     A hotline for questions established by Human Resources at (740) 897-2022;
•     The Employee Hotline at (740) 897-5800;
•     Absenteeism/HR Benefits: (740) 897-3900; 

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PMA Members:

TO:                                         ISS Employees                                                 

FROM:                                  Damon Detillion

DATE:                                    April 2, 2020

FILE NUMBER:                   PMA-PM-20-021

SUBJECT:                             Employee Work Direction Update

PPPO’s Paducah, Portsmouth and Lexington sites will continue essential minimum critical operations until further notice. ISS employees not identified to support the current operational status should NOT return to work on April 7th as previously directed. When a defined return to work date is established, all workers will be notified. Please contact your supervisor with any questions.

A Message from President John D. Knauff to our PMA Members:

The D.O.E and PMA have established essential operations only and are paying all nonessential employees to stay home and be safe.  However, as good Brothers and Sisters, we need to cover our work and supply the Company with willing and healthy volunteers to share the burden of essential operations under these very trying conditions.  Please notify your supervisor if you can help your Brothers and Sisters protect our jobs while we protect our safety.


ACO Members:

To All Piketon Personnel:
We continue to evaluate and adjust measures in our workplace to protect our employees and, to the extent practical, provide for continued operations.  Employee safety is paramount, and our intent is to make our site one of the safest areas for you to be.  On Wednesday April 8, we will begin simple health screenings upon first entry to the facility based on Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.  You can expect the following:
A Health Care Professional (HCP) will be present each morning and evening at E-Pedestrian portal.  The HCP will ask you some basic health screening questions and may monitor your body temperature.  Only one employee will enter the E-Pedestrian portal lobby at a time as a means to protect your privacy during the screening period.

Requests of you: 

1)    During the monitoring window, one employee at a time will enter E-Pedestrian portal for the HCP to perform the monitoring duties.

2)    Please cooperate with the medical professional.  This cooperation and screening is prerequisite to your entry.  If you are unwilling to submit to a temperature check or answer screening questions you will be asked to leave the site by management.

3)    If you have a fever indication (≥100.40F) or the brief interview indicates a potential for the coronavirus disease to spread, you will be asked by the attendant management representative to exit the site.

4)    The medical professional is not here to provide medical advice or diagnosis, so please refer such issues to your physician. 

 Logistics During Limited Operations:

 1)    The monitoring window is open 0530 - 0700 each Monday through Thursday and when Maintenance is working overtime on Fridays; otherwise the morning window is open 0600 – 0700 Friday through Sunday. Additionally, the night shift window will be open from 1800 – 1900 Monday through Sunday.

2)    All Centrus personnel will enter the facility through E-Pedestrian portal.

3)    If you arrive earlier than the times listed above, please wait and report to E-Pedestrian portal when the HCP is present.

4)    If you arrive after the hours listed above, notify your direct manager who will ask the same questions as the medical professional would ask.

5)    Personnel having a fever or other indication of potential coronavirus infection will be ask to exit the site.  

I want to thank everyone for their efforts to date.  These are very challenging times and together we will work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.



 General COVID-19 Information:

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