Rank And Filer

Our Monthly News Letter called Rank And Filer comes out on the second Payday Of the Month.

              Presidents letter

            Brothers and Sisters the world we are living in today has been very crazy with Covid-19, Shelter in place orders, Protests, Riots and cur

Presidents letter

            Brothers and Sisters of 1440, I hope you all had a great Mother's Day even with the circumstances we are dealing with in the world today.

 Presidents letter

   Presidents letter

   Presidents letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

        We received a notice from our Membership requesting a special meeting to be held on a Friday after 4:30pm concerning a list of items they would like answers on. As some of the concerns pertain to International, I have a call out to our International Rep. Once I get confirmation when the soonest possible date he will be able to attend, a notice will be put out for the date and time the meeting will be held.

Presidents letter

Brothers and Sisters of Local 1440, I hope everyone at UPI has had a chance to review and make their decision on the Summary that was put out on the proposed contract. Today is the Vote day so make sure you all get out to vote because every vote counts no matter how you decide to vote make sure your voice is heard by the ballot you fill out. Once voting is closed and all of the ballots are counted the results will be posed for everyone to see.


Presedent letter

As we now get ready to close another year, I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and are ready for Christmas and the new year.

On the safety side 2019 has been a rough year for everyone at USSPOSCO. We have had far too many brother and sisters injured this year. 2020 will be the year we turn that around.

Negotiation are continuing this week as we are down to the last few items which are the toughest items to find an agreement with. Hopefully you all have signed up for the email updates so that you know what has been done and where we stand.

It has been brought to my attention that in my last article of the Rank and File I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I apologize for this mistake and want to thank the Union Brother for calling me out on this. I would like to wish everyone and their families a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Hope to see everyone at the Union Xmas part Dec 20th.
In Solidarity 
Ben Salazar

Presidents letter

It is with a heavy heart we have to announce that our District Director Bob LaVenture passed away on November 13th. Bob has been a major voice in the USW since 1970 and was very strong fighter for the working people. It was announced on November 15th that Gaylan Prescott will be the acting District 12 Director. Gaylan previously has been the Assistant to the Director for the International and has big shoes to fill.

President letter :

Brothers and Sisters of 1440, we are still waiting on an answer from the parent companies of what their hot band agreement will be for next year so we can get back to the negotiations table and get our contract finished. Last we have heard is the parent companies are continuing to talk and hope to have a finished agreement soon.

Presidents letter:

Greetings Brother and sisters,

This month is a quiet one, nevertheless we are hard at work. Negotiations have been proceeding fairly well so far, we have been on a 2-week break due to scheduling conflicts. We will be resuming this week, so stay up to date with negotiations on the locals website and by signing up for email updates.