Negotiations Update 4/3/17-4/7/17

As stated in the previous update the Union will not accept pay cuts for our members. The Union countered the Companies Wage and Benefit proposals.

The Company is taking the counter from the Union under serious consideration. The complete complex package is coming together.

Due to the unavailability of the Union and Company negotiating team members, negotiations are being suspended until April 17, 2017.

Both our International Representative and Local President are required to attend the Constitutional Convention for the United Steel Workers. Because of their absence and the Companies serious consideration of the Unions recent counter, we are cancelling the Union meeting for 4-12-17.

Remember to check the website next Friday for updates. If you wish to receive text updates let us know. Thank you for your support and continue to give a solid days work as the Union bargain for a fair contract. Your solidarity is important more now than ever!!! Keep up the work!!!