Local 2227 Newsletter - 3/26/2020

From the President's Desk:

Hello Brothers and Sisters of Local 2227 ,2227-01 ,and 2227-2 Durabond.

This is our Locals first newsletter since I was elected President in 2018. I ran on communication being an issue and still working on that as a top priority. We have made improvements and still have work to do. There are 14 Union information boards throughout the mill that are updated monthly. We have created the Facebook page @Local2227 and continue to use that as a positive message board. Thank you to Jack Maskil, Shawn Knight, and Dan Rojtas for all your help. We have for the first time a Local 2227 website full of useful information. Thank you Derick Gee for all your help on this. Check it out at https://uswlocals.org/local-2227. After almost two years we have a newsletter to share as well. I would like to thank Justin Calderone for getting this Quartely newsletter up and running. We continue to make improvements and these are a few of the things we promised, and delivered.

Being in need of new employees has been a main focus since day one. We continue to interview and continue to hire. To date since my election we have hired 174 new members. We will continue to push for hostages to be released and get the manpower where it needs to be.

Continue to work safe and I can only hope that one day we all enjoy a healthy retirement!

In Solidarity,

President Ryan Kieffer

A. Election Poll Democratic

Primary Election Poll: 150 union members were asked who were they voting for.

57 - people are considering voting for Joe Biden.

29 - people are considering voting for Bernie Sanders

64 - people gave a mixed response of the following: “There is no one worth Voting for”, “Who is Running?”, “Trump 2020”, “We are all Screwed”.

B. Coronavirus

During this Coronavirus we are in uncharted waters. Your local union is working on finding solutions that work. As we navigate this course we ask for patience and for our members to communicate with your safety reps on areas that need improved upon. As of now USS will continue normal operations. USS has a waiver through State and Federal Government to operate, and is considered a Critical Infrastructure Business. We are operating on a day to day basis while situations are being figured out.

C. Committee Events

The Next Gen Committee is currently Working on 2 Events:

Charity Golf Outing: Scheduled for August, 22nd, 2020:

This Event will be held to support 3 to 5 Local Nonprofits based off participation. More info to follow coming soon.

Local 2227 Members Cookout: Scheduled for Summer of 2020:

More info to follow coming soon.

D. New at the Hall

New Vice President – Jack Maskil

New Recording Secretary – Justin Calderone

The Union Hall will be closed to outside entities effective immediately until further notice. Normal business that doesn’t include going to the hall will continue. The Hall will only be used for minimal required business as needed. The rules set are based off the interpretation of Governor Tom Wolf.

Mini Minutes:

January 14th, 2020 :Meeting Called at 3:15pm by President Ryan Kieffer: District 10 Conference Motion to table till February approved: Rapid Response Conference Motioned not to participate approved: Old Business Ryan Kieffer: Town Hall Meeting January 23rd: Free to Attend: New Business Ryan Kieffer: Kenny Carter Named Chair to Outreach and Civil Rights Committee

February 11th,2020 : Meeting Called at 3:15pm by President Ryan Kieffer: Motion to donate $250 to Mon Valley Unemployment Committee approved: Motion to donate $250 to West Mifflin Youth Baseball/Softball Approved: New Business Ryan Kieffer: Maskil elected to VP: 7 New Hires for Irvin

March 10th, 2020Meeting Called at 3:15pm by President Ryan Kieffer: Motion to Purchase a Heating/Cooling unit for Eboard Room of $1,697.23 Approved: New Business Ryan: Justin Calderone Elected to Recording Secretary: Josh Stokes put on Contracting Out & Veterans Committees.

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