April 2021 Newsletter


April 2021

A message from the President

By Mark Glyptis
First of all I would like to express my sincere thank you to the Union membership for supporting me for my 11th term as president of the steelworkers of Weirton.

I started my career with the Independent Steelworkers Union as a steward in 1988 and was then elected president of the ISU in 1991.

I continued to serve as your president when the ISU merged with the United Steelworkers Union and am deeply honored to be ready to serve another three year term starting in May.
We have seen many challenges and changes during the past three decades. But I believe the acquisition this year of the ArcelorMittal USA plants by Cleveland Cliffs has been a real blessing. We have a real opportunity to move forward.

Now is the time to be thinking about our future and our contract demands as we prepare for negotiations in conjunction with other USW local unions.

Our current contract will expire in September 2022 so I am now calling on our membership to start thinking about what changes you would like to see in a new labor agreement.

Pass on your ideas and suggestions to your local griever or call me at the union hall.

The company has hired another 25 employees who are expected to be trained and on the job in early May.

And I fully expect more hiring in the near future. Cleveland Cliffs has increased the maintenance ranks in the plant and are also preparing to fill vacancies created by retirements.

I expect to see the Cleveland Cliffs CEO and Chairman tobe in Weirton soon for a tour of the plant and a meeting with Union and company officials.

Training Update

By Mike Vitello
Remedial mechanical maintenance training is now underway and the successful candidates will take the Ramsey test this month. If they pass the test they move into Tier One training for 10 modules.
Ten people have passed the MTE training and will be taking the Ramsey test. And we have three candidates ready to take the 6G welding test.

Safety Chat

By Darrell Curtis

Starting in the near future our Union members can expect to see interactions with Cleveland Cliffs safety and company officials who will be researching the jobs and job hazards in Weirton.

It is part of a learning process by Cleveland Cliffs to try to prevent accidents from happening and making our jobs safer.

No discipline will be issued during the interaction tour and the officials hope to speak to as many Union members as possible.

We went a month with no reported COVID cases but unfortunately the number of COVID19 cases in the mill is on the rise again so please follow the COVID protocols and please work safely.

Question of the month

By Bill Brenda

What do you think gas prices will hit this summer and will it affect your driving plans? Al Hamilton, 44 years of service

"l think we will see California crazy rates and yes it damn well will affect my driving." James White, five years of service

"It may approach $4 a gallon but it won't affect my driving."

Justin Greathouse, just under one year of service.

"l worked in the industry and I think it will go up to maybe $3.75 a gallon but it will come back down again."

Know Your Union Representatives

President Mark Glyptis 

Vice President Bill Brenda

Zone 1

Tin Mill Griever Rich Harcharik

Tin Mill Griever Nick Guiddy

Tin Mill Griever Alyssa Henry Tin Nill Griever Joe Meadows

Zone 2

Strip Steel Griever Bill Brenda

Strip Steel Griever Brian Brown

Strip Steel Griever Darrell Curtis

Strip Steel Griever Buddy Camilletti

Zone 3

MEU                 Griever Mike Vitello

MEU Griever Billy Shreve

MEU Griever Morgan Patterson

O&T Griever Jim Ellis

Financial Secretary Mike Vitello

Union Treasurer/Trustee Nick Valero

Union Trustees Darrell Curtis, Rich Harcharik and Nick Guiddy

Recording Secretary Troy Arango

Security Professional Griever John Starinsky

Safety Coordinator Darrell Curtis

Inside Outside Guard Ron Baker