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Open enrollment for insurance coverage is May 20th thru May 31st.

To make changes to medical and dental coverage, please contact Steve Eddings (541) 974-4530.

To Make chages to vision, life or disability coverage, review the Open Enrollment packet mailed to your home in mid-May.  Call ATI Benefit Connection (866) 284-4880 for questions.

Former Kaiser members

Please pay special attention to ensuring you are enrolled in vision if you want this coverage!  Kaiser vision coverage did not automatically rollover last year.

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Monday, August 13 2018

Thursday, May 31 2018

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    Union Plus Mortgage Company (UPMC) is a new mortgage brokerage company founded and owned by the labor movement to support union members with mortgages when they buy a home or refinance their current loan.

    UPMC is owned by the AFL-CIO, Union Plus and a group of AFL-CIO affiliated unions to provide more mortgage options to union members including access to the Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program. Even better, the revenue generated by this company belongs to the labor movement – not the big banks or Wall Street.

    The UPMC staff and mortgage loan officers provide top-notch customer service based on extensive experience in the mortgage industry and their commitment to personalized service. Union members should feel confident that they can call or email the UPMC staff to answer all their mortgage questions.

    The very first customer benefited from the strong combination of union and mortgage industry knowledge of the Union Plus Mortgage Company staff. A seaman with the Seafarers International Union, he had been declined for a loan because the prior underwriter did not understand the typical nature of the sailor’s work: periods of months at work on the ship with different employers and other periods of not working.

    The Union Plus Mortgage loan officer was able to quickly understand that the sailor was a union member and gathered the necessary income documentation directly from the union hall. Union Plus Mortgage Company had the loan approved in less than two weeks and closed in three weeks. This is exactly the kind of service union members can expect from UPMC.

    Union members can also benefit from the Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program, which provides hardship mortgage assistance in the event of income loss due to disability, unemployment, or strike/lockout, one year after obtaining a UMPC mortgage loan. And any new mortgage customer can expect to receive a $500 Visa gift card after closing.

    As a mortgage broker, UPMC shops the top lenders in the country to find the best mortgage rates and products for its union customers. The UPMC team members...

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