Status 5 Bargaining Update

July12, 2019

Sisters and Brothers of the USW/Status 5 Unit at Kaiser Permanente:

We have accomplished tentative agreements (effective upon full agreement) covering the non-economic terms and conditions for Status 5 employees. The following summarizes these provisions:

The Terms of the USW-Kaiser Permanente Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) as well as the terms of the National Agreement will apply to the Status 5 classifications listed in the June 19, 2018 “Certification of Results”, which are: Health Plan Representative; Senior Health Plan Representative; Population Management Support Coordinator; Administrative Specialist I, II, III, & IV; and Administrative Services Coordinator I, & II. 

Seniority measures will follow the USW-Kaiser Permanente contract:  o Your Company Seniority will be your most recent date of hire with Kaiser Permanente. 

Your Local 7600 Bargaining Unit Seniority will begin.

- Retroactively to June 19, 2018 (the date of USW certification) for those Status 5 employees employed on that date.  However, members of the Bargaining Unit who transferred into one of the identified positions on or after June 19, 2018, will not experience a break in Bargaining Unit Seniority.

- Your Classification Seniority date will be the date you entered into your currently held classification within respective service area represented by the United Steelworkers Local 7600.

All employees shall receive vacation, sick leave, and life balance days per the CBA. o All accrued and earned hours in employees Earned Time off (ETO) banks will be converted to Vacation hour.

- All accrued and earned hours over the allowed maximum will cashed out and paid to the employee; hours accrued and earned within 6-months of conversion will also be paid out. 

- All accrued and earned hours in Extended Sick Leave (ESL) banks will be converted to Banked Sick Leave.

- Employees will receive Life Balance Days January 1 of each year (5 days per year for full-time employees, pro-rated for part-time and on-call employees). 

- Full-time, part-time, and on-call employees who become eligible will receive a pro-rated allotment of Life Balance Days.

We provided Kaiser with our economic concepts in late May, and a more complete framing of our proposals on June 24th. Our proposals leave no member behind, and would provide increased compensation to all bargaining unit employees.

Remind your managers and co-workers that you stand with the USW to improve the conditions and wages at Kaiser. United, we will secure justice and dignity!  We will reconvene negotiations with Kaiser Permanente July 18th.  

Solidarity Action: 

Please join us by wearing a USW Union shirt every Friday to show Unity and Solidarity during bargaining.

Contact Local 7600 Union Hall between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri. (909) 302-0000  Press the #1 and ask to speak to Gina, Megan or Joel to arrange pick up/delivery and size.