Position Opening! Alliance Partnership Representative (APR) Total Health/Workforce Wellness (TH/WW)

Role Title

Alliance Partnership Representative (APR)

General Description

APR will support Total Health/Workforce Wellness region wide and assist in union capacity building and UBT support at Baldwin Park

How to Apply:

Send your resume AND a one-page cover letter explaining why you are interested in doing this work; to [email protected] and [email protected]


 The LMP Trust Fund allocates resources for both labor and management to have people whose role is to focus on the success of the Partnership. The Alliance Partnership Representatives are on Special Assignment Agreements to provide the support that is needed for union members, managers and physicians to havean effective partnership.

In this role selected applicants will be working with front line union members, union leaders, Alliance Director and management to promote the values, practices and programs of the Partnership and implement the National Agreement. They will have the opportunity to directly impact the success of the Partnership where it really counts…in the places we work.

 Role and responsibilities

The Alliance Partnership Representative’s role is to advance the value compass and achieve the goals of the Partnership, as assigned by the Alliance Director, in the following ways: focusing on Total Health and Workforce Wellness region-wide while assisting with union capacity building and UBTs at the Baldwin Park service area.

  • Assess and support LMP teams at assigned service area
  • Build Alliance capacity to participate fully in Partnership, by identifying, recruiting and developing front line leaders
  • Provide training, coaching and mentoring to labor and management
  • Communicate and motivate management and labor on successful practices and results Model Partnership behaviors and lead by example
  • Additional responsibilities as needed


 This role is intended to develop leadership ability and knowledge so that one would return to their role in Kaiser Permanente and their union with valuable skills. The following qualifications are required for consideration:

  • A Kaiser Permanente employee who is a member of an Alliance union in good standing;
  • A demonstrated commitment to LMP’s vision and goals;
  • Must have own transportation and be willing to travel;
  • Have taken basic partnership trainings;
  • A work history that demonstrates dependability and initiative;
  • Basic proficiency with computers;
  • Enthusiasm for the Labor Management Partnership

How to apply:

Via email; Send your resume AND a one-page cover letter explaining why you are interested in doing this work; to [email protected] and [email protected].

MUST put “TH/WW APR application August 2019” in the subject line.

  • Include; your current job title, current work location and current union affiliation.
  • Include on your resume; your name, home address, best number to contact, best email
  • Any Alliance union member may apply (you do not have to be a Baldwin Park area employee to apply)

 Additional Important Information:

  • Position is funded on an annual basis, renewable twice for a total of three years.
  • This is a full-time position; part-time employees may apply if they are willing and able to work full time hours. Working full-time in this role will not affect an employees’ part-time status upon return to their prior position.
  • APR’s are “kept whole” meaning all wages and benefits are maintained at their current level.
  • Selected candidates are responsible for keeping current on all job required certifications, licenses, tests and Kaiser Permanente compliance required trainings.
  • APRs are accountable to an assigned Alliance Director and Kaiser Permanente manager
  • All applicants must have reliable transportation and be willing and able to travel throughout the Southern California region as needed

Questions can be emailed to: [email protected]


The focus of the work of the APR for Total Health/Workforce Wellness (TH/WW) is to support the workforce in achieving total health through

  1. Training, supporting and mentoring UBT Health & Safety Champions
  2. Partnering with labor and management stakeholders to develop and implement a regional workplan to meet National Agreement deliverables

 I. Support for TH/WW Programs and Activities

  1. Support the training and coaching of UBT H&S Champions
  2. Facilitate, encourage TH/WW projects; remove barriers and escalate issues as appropriate
  3. Collaborate and influence employees and leaders to take action around key messages and drive participation. 

II. Build Labor Capacity – work with Alliance Directors to develop local Alliance Labor Co-leads and UBT champions – coach, empower, support, sustain

III. Facilitate Relationships with regional Total Health Implementation Strategy team, Alliance Directors, UBT resource teams, local healthy workforce committees, and leadership teams.

IV. Training and Education – facilitate, deliver, track UBT H&S Champion training as required by the National Agreement

VI. Communicate and collaborate management and labor constituents on implementing and spreading successful practices, to drive results

Special Qualifications: 

SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, BEHAVIORS (*preferred not required)

  1. Demonstrated ability to inspire and motivate coworkers to take action
  2. Experience and skill in delivering training modules*
  3. Understanding of the Labor Management Partnership and the Total Health/Workforce Wellness Program
  4. Ability to coach, encourage, motivate and provide constructive feedback to emerging frontline leaders, especially UBT H&S Champions
  5. Understanding of how to use PI tools; familiarity with Rapid Improvement Model*
  6. Able to work collaboratively with diverse groups of individuals in labor and management; model partnership; use interest-based approach to resolve issues
  7. Understands how to read and use data for performance improvement*
  8. Strong verbal and written communication skills
  9. Good computer skills; able to maneuver Microsoft word and excel


  1. Serve as the liaison between the frontline leaders, UBT H&S champions, all UPRs, and the regional THIP/Healthy Workforce groups.
  2. Work with the Alliance staff assigned to Total Health, the medical center Healthy Workforce team and the regional management partner to implement a coordinated regional strategy around Total Health