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Kaiser Permanente is one of several organizations selected by the government to provide the COVID-19 vaccine.

After weeks of discussions with KP leaders, we are pleased to announce the childcare grant has been extended and

As many of you may know, Registered Nurses are receiving a incentives for working extra shifts.  Upon learning about this, USW leadership raised the concern to KP that all workers from all unions deserve the incentive including, USW Local 7600.

Valery Robinson was quoted saying, “I will not stop fighting until my members are acknowleged, appreciated and valued."

USW Local 7600 Leadership and Kaiser Permanente have signed an agreement for extra shift pay incentive for Respiratory Care Practitioners that will be in effect from 7:00 a.m. on December 27, 2020 until 7:00 a.m. on January 4, 2021.

The extra shift incentive will be available to Respiratory Care Practitioners to work in the medical centers, caring for patients.

After weeks of discussions with KP leaders, we are pleased to announce 7600 members will continue to receive COVID-19 sick leave through the first quarter of next year.   

The COVID-19 sick leave benefits were set to expire Dec. 31, 2020, and have now been extended to March 31, 2021. In particular, we had called on KP to refresh sick leave for individuals who have previously used the benefit.

Introductions were made by:

President Valery Robinson, Vice President Liz Cuevas and International Staff Rep Rosie Gonzalez.

The following introductory statement made by Valery Robinson;

As we navigate through this difficult time, we want you to be reassured that the union will provide all necessary updates with full transparency, to you, the members of USW Local 7600

Monthly Membership Meeting and Women of Steel Meeting Cancelled for the month of January 2021.

United Steelworkers Education 2020 Virtual Education Conference: Smarter is Stronger November 17-18, 2020

For those of you that are interested in learning more about the union and getting involved, this is a great opportunity open to all USW members.  Don't miss out!