Fontana/Ontario Servicing Area

President: Janis Thorn, 909-559-4740
Financial Secretary: Lupe Quezada, 951-201-2874 
Contract Specialist: Claudette Baker, 909-202-9640
Recording Secretary/Contract Specialist: Claudia M Perez, 909-600-8486 
Union Partnership Rep: Renee LaPointe, 626-768-8171
Staff Rep: Rosie Gonzalez, 626-966-6852

Vice President: Norberto Gomez, 909-251-9342 
Alternate: Deborah R., 909-251-5957
Areas of responsibility:

Receptionist (East End)

Treasurer: Maria Solano, 909-278-9258 
Alternate: Sandi L., 909-251-9968
Areas of responsibility:

Surgical Technicians
I, II, III’s.

Grievance Chair Liz Cuevas, 909-202-0064 (Hospital)
Alternate: Sonia Bracey, 909-251-2831
Areas of responsibility:

Mobility Techs II
Unit Secretary
MOB Clinic

Grievance Chair Micheal Barnett, 909-202-9756 (Med Group)
Alternate: Liz C., 909-202-0064
Areas of responsibility:

LVN’s & MA’s

Grievance Rep Cindy Cochran, 909-549-5325
Alternate: Sharon Baker, 909-275-5387
Areas of responsibility:

Psych Social Clerks 1 & 2
Ortho Technicians
Linen Room
Supply Chain Techs
Bio Med

Grievance Rep Lynn Lee Summers, 909-320-0123
Alternate: Diana G., 909-320-9215
Areas of responsibility:

Pharmacy Call Center
Pharmacy (West End)
Laboratory & Pathology

Grievance Rep Sandi Lozano, 909-251-9968
Alternate: Maria S., 909-278-9258
Areas of responsibilty:

Home Health Clerks
Mail Room/Chart Clerks
Mobility Tech Is

Grievance Rep Deborah Richardson, 909-251-5957
Alternates: Norberto G., 909-251-9342 and Cindy Cochran, 909-549-5325
Areas of responsibility:

Cancer Registrars & Clerks
Utilization Mgmt Clerks Occupational Medicine
EKG Technicians
Department Clerks 1 & 2
Dialysis Techs
Monitor Techs
Membership Services
Extended Care
Imaging Services: Assistants & Schedulers
Surgical Services OR Schedulers
Pharmacy East End

Grievance Rep Valery Robinson, 909-202-0141
Alternates: Sharon W., 909-278-9064 and Norma T., 909-251-2654
Areas of responsibility:

PSR’s 1 & 2
Receptionists (West End)
LVN’s & MA’s
SB-Colton-Palm Court

Grievance Rep Sonia Bracey, 909-251-2831
Alternate: Liz C., 909-202-0064
Areas of responsibility:

Hospital Fontana
Coordinators 1 & 2
Call Center/Appointment & New Member Entry Clerks
Victorville MOB Clinic
Sleep Lab

Grievance Rep Norma Turner, 909-251-2654
Alternates: Sharon W., 909-278-9064 and Valery R., 909-202-0141
Areas of responsibility:

Sterile Processing
Anesthesia Technicians
ER Technicians
Emergency Clerical Assts.

Grievance Rep Sharon Baker, 909-275-5387
Alternates: Micheal B., 909-202-9756 and Liz C., 909-202-0064
Areas of responsibility:

LVN’s, MA’s
Fontana & Redlands

Grievance Rep Sharon Wiggins, 909-278-9064
Alternates: Norma T., 909-251-2654 and Valery R., 909-202-0141
Areas of responsibility:

Food & Nutrition Dept.
Home Health: Aides & LVN’s
Respiratory Care Therapist
Peri Op Assistants