Riverside Servicing Area

Valery Robinson
[email protected]

Vice President: 
Liz Cuevas 

[email protected]

Contract Specialist:
Riverside Grievance Chair
Tammi Requejo
[email protected]  

Grievance Rep info

Areas of responsibility

John Bryan
[email protected]


Back up:
Janis Thorn

  • Sterile Processing- techs and aides
  • Anesthesia Techs
  • Surgery Techs (Ortho/OB only)
  • Radiology- Assts./File Clerks
  • Couriers
  • Med Rec Clerks
  • Home Health- Aides/LVNs/Clerks
  • Hospice LVNs
  • FCC LVNs
  • PCAs
  • Physical Therapy Aide
  • Respiratory Therapist- (pulmo/resp/sleep lab)
  • Psych LVNs (all locations)
  • Palliative Care- LVNs
  • Pharmacy- techs/assts. ( Iris, Wildomar, Temecula, InPt. Murrieta)
  • Con’t care- clerks
  • Utilization clerk

Mary Bailey
[email protected]


Back up:
Tammi Requejo

  • Derm/Allery  MAs/LVNs
  • Dietary – all classifications
  • Palm Springs MOB- MAs/LVNs/Serv Rep
  • Palm Desert MOB- MAs/LVNs/Serv Rep
  • Indio MOB- MAs/LVNs/Serv Rep
  • Insurance Dept- all classifications
  • Pharmacy- techs/assts.  (Park Sierra 1 & 2, Indio, Palm Springs and Palm Desert)
  • Pharmacy- ambulatory asst./oncology tech (all areas)

Linda Foster
[email protected]

Back up:
Geri Souza

  • Dept. Clerks- all areas
  • Master Schedulers- all areas
  • Service Reps- ( Float pool, RMC, Corona MOB, Meridian MOB, Heacock MOB, Iris 1&2,  Wildomar, Temec, Murrieta and all optical )
  • Radiology- scheduling coordinators
  • Health Education Clerks
  • Wellness Resource Store Clerks
  • Psych Social Clerks
  • Claims Processors
  • ER/ED clerks
  • Medical Secretary
  • Inpt Medical Records Clerks
  • OR Clerks

Janis Thorn
[email protected]

Back up:
John Bryan

  • Ekg Techs-all locations
  • Procurement Clerks
  • Heacock MOB- MAs/LVNs (except Optometry) 
  • Iris 1 & 2 MOB- MAs/LVNs (except Urology & General Surg.)
  • Meridian MOB- MAs/LVNs
  • Telecom
  • Complete care – MAs/LVNs
  • Anesthesia/Pain- MAs/LVNs
  • CDRP- MAs/LVNs- all locations
  • Murrieta-  All MAs/LVNs 
  • General Internal Med RMC- MAs/LVNs

Phyllis Nagle
[email protected]

Back up:
Tammi Requejo
Mary Bailey

  • Engineers- all
  • Lab- Phlebotomists/Lab assts- All locations
  • Float Pool RMC- MAs/LVNs
  • ER/ED- ECAs/LVNs
  • Ortho/Podiatry RMC- Ortho techs/LVNs/MAs
  • Employee Health- MAs/LVNs- All locations
  • Sub Specialty I & II RMC – MAs/LVNs (includes: Gen/Vas Surgery, Urology, Head&Neck, Ophthalmology, Optometry, GI clinic, Neurology, Nephrology, Endo, CAPD, Pulm/Resp, Rheumatology, Cardio, Hemoc, ABC)

Geri Souza
[email protected]

Back up
Linda Foster

  • Wildomar MOB- MAs/LVNs
  • Temecula MOB- MAs/LVNs
  • GI Lab- preop LVNs/Scope Washer MAs
  • Message Management- MAs/LVNs (all)
  • Surgery Techs OR only

Lupe Quezada
[email protected]

Back up
Valencia Davis

  • Admitting Dept.- Admitting reps, Financial Counselors, Revenue Support Clerks- all locations
  • EVS- all locations
  • Surgery Schedulers- all locations
  • Membership service coordinator  
  • Pharm asst/tech (Corona Heacock Meridian 24hr and 4th floor RMC)

Valencia Davis
[email protected]

Back Up:
Lupe Quezada 

  • Family Med Riverside MA/LVN
  • BioMed Techs
  • Materials Management/linen- all
  • Mobility Techs
  • Prev Med- MAs/LVNs
  • Occupational Med- MAs/LVNs- All locations
  • Unit secretaries

Tammi Requejo
[email protected]

Back up:
Mary Bailey

  • OB/GYN ALL- MAs/LVNs EXCEPT(Murrieta)
  • Corona MOB- MAs/LVNs (except Optometry)
  • Pediatrics RMC- MAs/LVNs
  • Retail LVNs