Civil Rights Conference Washington DC January 2019

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The Human, Civil & Woman’s rights committee attended the AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human rights conference in Washington DC, January 18 thru the 21st 2019.The committee attended workshops such as;

- #LetsGetFree: The Road to Cultural Competency
-Beyond Bias: An introduction to Implicit Bias
-Combating Voter Suppression in the Era of James Crow
-Common Sense Economics
-Connecting the Dots: Race, Gender and Economic Inequality
-Culture Change Training: Addressing Unwanted Behaviors in Our Movement
-From Transaction to Transformation: Transforming Our Work to Build a Stronger Union
-Immigrant Workers and the Future of the Labor Movement
-Restorative Justice
-This Is America: Young, Black and Union

Joined in forums including, but not limited to

-Faith, Labor, Community: The Time is Always Right to Do Right

-Take Back the Ballot: A Voting Rights Mandate

-Women in Leadership: Building on the "Year of the Woman

-Mobilizing Rising America: Organizing in the Face of Opposition

As well as participated in the Labor wave to #StopTheShutdown Rally, and the Women’s March        on Washington. This was an educational and inspirational experience for all involved and went a long way as far as shedding some light on some of the key issues and challenges that women and other minorities in the workforce, face on a regular basis even today. And how we as union brothers and sisters can continue to promote a culture in which these challenges and unfair disadvantages can become a thing of the past.

Thank you for your support in helping us further our education so that we may better understand the problems, and be better equipped to fight for change for all union members.


J.Slocum, K.Smith and Sandy Zeeb