Let's Talk!

Dallas County & City Employees Let's Talk!

Dear Dallas County & City of Dallas Employees,

Many have been asking is there a union that represents Dallas employees? Yes, there is! We are the North Texas Association of Public Employees (NTAPE), Local 9487 of the United Steelworkers International Labor Union (USW).  We are North America’s largest industrial union. We are 1.2 million members and retirees strong in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. We proudly represent men and women who work in nearly every industry there is since 1942.

Our members are leaders in your communities, in your workplaces, in our governments and more. We have a presence in the United Kingdom, Ireland, England, Scotland, Mexico, and many other places around the world. Because since the beginning of our being, we have been fighting for better workplaces, better lives for everyone and a better world.

NTAPE/USW Local 9487 was established in 2005 to represent Dallas County and City of Dallas workers. We established this union to give workers a real voice and provide protection in the workplace. Unfortunately, on-the-job injustices occur all too often. When they do, we are here to assist you and take care of the issues through a highly effective, issue-solving process. Most of us carry insurance on our cars and homes, even our lives, why not our jobs? Try thinking of the Union as an insurance policy for the workplace. And during this time of uncertainty in our country workers need to know someone is standing with them!

We want to invite you to get more information about our Union and learn about how we provide workplace protections and benefits such as:

  • Legal representation during grievances, mediation, appeals, pre-termination, termination, and arbitration.
  • Our members receive a free $3,000 accidental death and dismemberment life insurance policy.
  • Our members also enjoy cost-saving benefits such as free college, wireless discounts, debt counseling, mortgage assistance, and much more!
  • A strong voice in times of crisis!
  • A strong voice to make changes in the workplace!
  • Power in numbers and we stand in solidarity with each other!

We invite you to get more information about who we are. To arrange a COVID 19 SAFE & CONFIDENTIAL one on one conversation with one of us, please fill out the form here https://forms.gle/EQqCoqs6p5eV6g8Z6   A Union representative will contact you within 24 hours.


In Solidarity,

NTAPE/USW Local 9487

For more info about us please visit:



Please call 469-439-8483 if you have further questions.