Libbey Membership Update #6

Libbey Bankruptcy - August 4, 2020

Over the last two days, your bargaining committees have been meeting both internally and with Libbey management and the company's attorneys.

We continue to be open to meeting with local management in Shreveport and Toledo to present a series of proposals.

During our negotiating session today, management indicated their willingness to engage and respond to our local proposals over the next two days. These proposals are aimed at reducing operating costs and improving efficiency by restructuring work and redesigning jobs.

We have provided management with a comprehensive offer that will enable the company to emerge from bankruptcy with lower labor costs and an innovative approach to what we believe is a sustainable, efficient and productive business future.

We must remain vigilant and united to ensure our families and our contracts are treated with respect and dignity by both the company and the court during this process.

Your support for your bargaining committees and our combined solidarity will give us the strength we need to ensure that our sacrifices now lead to a more secure future for all of us.

Stay strong and stay safe, we'll continue to keep you updated as we proceed.

In Solidarity- USW/IAM - Libbey Bargaining Committee