Membership Update #4

Libbey Bankruptcy – July 24, 2020

This week, our bargaining committee met on several occasions with Libbey management and their lawyers. We developed and presented a reasonable counter proposal to the outrageous demands that management presented to us on June 2nd.

Our proposal is reasonable, fair and comprehensive considering the current status of the company in bankruptcy.

We have made an offer regarding wages and important contract language issues aimed at providing the company with financial flexibility while preserving as many jobs as possible--including the continued operations in both Toledo and Shreveport.

Judging from management’s reaction to our proposals, the company has already determined that major concessions, permanent capacity reduction and wholesale layoffs in Shreveport are the only ways to save the company. Plus, the company continues to reject our justified demands to be able to protect our contracts, our benefits, and our jobs through our proposals for corporate protections that numerous other employees in similar circumstances have agreed to over the years.

Further, management has not moved-off of its ridiculous, one-sided demands contained in its original June 2nd proposal.

We continue to demand that the company fulfill all of our information requests and we have made new information requests to understand new issues relating to their updated business plan.

The company has demanded major concessions from the workers, yet they refuse to recognize the employees as stakeholders in the future.

We are scheduled to re-engage with management and their lawyers next week and we hope they are prepared to bargain in good faith and that they recognize the employees are a significant contributor in the long-term viability of Libbey.

Your support for your bargaining committees and our solidarity and determination are important to achieving a fair and equitable contract. Stay strong and stay safe, we’ll keep you updated as we proceed.

In Solidarity – USW/Libbey Bargaining Committee