USW Local 1-689



The Membership Meeting for October 13th has been canceled. 

From President John Knauff:
Due to continuing threat and concern for the safety of the Union Membership due to increasing COVID-19 cases and quarantines, the E-board canceled the Oct Union meeting. The Executive Board also requested the President establish and appoint a safety committee to develop the necessary policy and requirements to enable the safe conduct of meetings in this COVID -19 Pandemic.

Please let a Division Rep. or an Officer know if there are any items you'd like to be addressed by the Executive Board, including suggestions for D&D contract negotiations.

Gary Dean Truman, Sr., 66, Wheelersburg (Maintenance)
Tom Lundy, 70, Jackson
Jerry Wessell, 77, West Portsmouth (FF)
Troy Martin, 56, Frankfort (HST)

Recent News

A PMA position for a Maintenance Mechanic (Primary Function: Mobile Equipment Mechanic)  is posted at the Union Hall until October 29, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.  Please click HERE for more information.

The Union Hall roof is more than 25 years since last replacement.  A Union contractor inspected the roof.  It has three existing layers.  Water has penetrated the top layers but wood appears to be dry.  The estimate for full strip and replacement is very competitive.  In addition, the A/C part of our HVAC system is very old and needing replaced.  We are working on getting a replacement proposal.

In accordance with Ohio's guidelines for Office environments, please contact your Division Representative to make an appointment prior to coming to the Union Hall.  Union Hall numbers can be found on this website under the CONTACT US tab.