October 26, 2016

Economic/Political Articles

Advocacy Group Looking Out For The Steel Industry
Alliance for American Manufacturing has interest in iron mining, taconite and steel
The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), an advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., has strong ties to the mining industry of the Iron Range. Founded nearly 10 years ago by leading domestic manufacturers and the United Steelworkers Union, AAM’s goal is to strengthen American manufacturing through smart public policies. AAM President Scott Paul said AAM has a widespread representation at mines across the Iron Range. He spoke about a Stand up for American Steel rally AAM held in … more

4 Facts About Obamacare Premiums You Should Know Before You Start Freaking Out>
Putting the dramatic headlines in context.

Just in time for the impending 2016 presidential election, a fresh round of dire headlines about rising Obamacare premiums is giving Republican lawmakers a new opportunity to attack the health care law. But, as with most news about Obamacare, which has been a prime target for GOP politicians for the better part of the past eight years, the full context is more complicated than the law’s opponents would have you believe. The latest headlines are in response to an announcement from the … more


Vietnam Vet Slams Trump in New Super-PAC Ad

"He's not fit to be president."

The pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC Priorities USA Action released an ad Monday hitting Donald Trump for comparing his sacrifices to those of Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who lost their son in the Iraq War. The new ad features a Vietnam veteran who charges that Trump's comments make him unfit to be president. Trump's claim to have sacrificed greatly in his life came this summer as part of his response to Khizr Khan, a Muslim American whose son died in Iraq in 2004. Khan's speech at the … more


170 Years From Now, Women Will Earn As Much As Men

About 170 years from now, women worldwide will earn as much as men and account for half the world's bosses. That's how long it will take to achieve economic parity between the sexes, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report, an annual study made public Tuesday that measures the relative gaps between women and men in education, health, economic opportunity and political power in 144 countries. Even as more women than ever attend universities, the report finds … more


Voters Fear Their Ballot Won’t Count, Poll Shows

Fewer than half of Americans are very confident that their vote for president will be counted correctly — and most say their ballot will not matter anyway because the political process is so dominated by corporate interests. These are among the results of a P.R.R.I. poll released on Tuesday showing a nation that is deeply ambivalent about the electoral process. Americans are almost evenly divided on whether fraud or voter repression is a bigger problem, despite many studies showing that fraud is … more


Steelworker and Labor Articles

Heckles, Jeers And Turned Backs Greet Justin Trudeau At Youth Labour Forum – District 6

Dozens of delegates at a youth labour forum turned their backs Tuesday on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, using body language to express their frustrations with everything from global warming to so-called precarious work. As Trudeau began taking questions from two of the forum’s hosts, some delegates began to heckle and jeer while several rows of young people turned to face the back of the room, prompting harsh words from the prime minister himself. Their actions sent the wrong … more


No sense of closure for Rochette family and Justin Stewart – District 6

Vale fined $1 million for April 2014 smelter incident that killed Rochette and injured Stewart 

The family of a millwright killed at the Copper Cliff Smelter in April 2014, and his co-worker who was injured in the same incident, said they have no sense of closure after Vale Canada Ltd. pleaded guilty to four of the nine Occupational Health and Safety Act charges it faced from the Ministry of Labour, and was fined $1 million. On April 6, 2014, Paul Rochette, 36, was killed when he was struck in the head by a pin that broke off a crusher and was released like a bullet under pressure. Justin Stewart, then a … more


Indiana Officials Are Trying To Block Almost 45,000 Black Citizens From Voting – District 7

Police raided the largest voter registration drive in the state with the lowest voter turnout in the country.

Roughly 45,000 newly registered voters in Indiana, almost all of whom are black, may not be allowed to vote next month after state police targeted the state’s largest voter registration drive, forcing it to shut down its operation. Police raided the Indiana Voter Registration Project (IVRP) offices on October 4, seizing documents and equipment and forcing the group to cease its get-out-the-vote efforts … more


A Growing Conflict Over Voting Rights Is Playing Out In Georgia, Where The Presidential Race Is Tightening – District 9

A growing conflict over voting rights and ballot access is playing out in Georgia, where civil rights activists are trading accusations with Republican elected officials and where the stakes have risen considerably with the state’s new status as a closely watched battleground. Activists said this month that as many as 100,000 Georgia ­voter-registration applications have not been processed. One of the state’s largest counties offered only one early-voting site, prompting hours-long waits for many people at the … more


250 Workers To Lose Jobs As ATI Closes Midland Plant – District 10

More than 250 people will lose their jobs after Allegheny Technologies Inc. announced it will close its Midland plant. The company announced the move early Tuesday in a third-quarter earnings report. Officials based their decision on “current and forecasted market and competitive conditions,” including “the expectation of continued significant excess global capacity” for stainless steel. The plant, which produced stainless steel for an assortment of industries, including aerospace, automobile … more


USW’s priority: Getting life back to normal on Minnesota’s Iron Range –District 11

Thousands of Iron Rangers are living with little to no job security as a result of illegal foreign steel dumping. Simply put, our workers are being cheated. But I’m happy to report that progress is being made in the fight to level the playing field. In April of this year, U.S. Steel filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate the largest Chinese steel producers and their distributors. USW is a strong supporter of this important step to put an end to China’s illegal and predatory … more


Action Alert
AmericanVoterGuide.org: Trusted Information for Working People

Voters say the number one reason to cast a ballot is to advance issues they care about, but over 40% don’t see significant differences between the Presidential candidates, much less all the other contests down ballot … more


This Election Matters to Everyone

In 2008, six million Americans didn’t vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register. Throughout the year we push our legislators to act because their decisions … more


2016 USW Civil & Human Rights Conference

The USW Civil and Human Rights Department is asking all activists to save the date, December 5-9, 2016, for the 2016 Civil and Human Rights Conference to be held at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama … more


Blitzer Confronts Kellyanne Conway On Whether Trump Knows What ‘Obamacare Does’ After Florida Fiasco - Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway spoke with Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday in defense of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s recent statements on Obamacare … more

Newt Gingrich has a complete meltdown after Fox’s Megyn Kelly calls Trump a ‘sexual predator’ - Former House Speaker — and current Trump supporter — Newt Gingrich flew off the handle Tuesday night after Fox News host Megyn Kelly reminded him that he is backing a “sexual predator.” … more