Contract Action Team training

CAT team training #2As we approach our contract deadline and negotiations move from the current local contract provisions to Master contract in Cincinnati the need for quick and accurate communication grows. With this in mind the leadership has decided one of those communication tools will be Contract Action Teams. These CAT teams will be made up of stewards, local union leadership and other volunteers from the local. They will be in the plant across all the shifts so that everyone can get the necessary information regardless of time of day or day of the week. 

CAT team training #1The CAT Team training was done this Wednesday, April 27th at the union hall. Training was done by Mike Zielinski and Megan Butler from the USW International. Mike and Megan did a tremendous job with the training and we appreciate them coming down and helping us get this set up so we can keep the membership informed and up to date with the contract negotiations. You will see more coming out in the days and weeks ahead so check back often for all the latest.

Below is a group photo from the training.

CAT team training Liberia campaign