Your Contract Action Team Members

With local negotiations underway and knowing that our President and Policy person will be leaving soon for Master Contract negotiations the list below becomes very important for all of us who may be wondering what is going on. In addition to all of the officers and staff at the Union Hall the following list is everyone else who has volunteered to be on the Contract Action Team (Cat team). These brothers and sisters will be the ones bringing the Info Alerts and any verbal news they get from the Union Hall to pass along. If you hear a rumor or just want to ask a quick question these are the people to find.

Brad Bogren - Brent Botkin - Cedric Bryant - Chris Campbell - Jason Francis

Travis Gunn - Blake Hanika - Tim High - Russ Hubach - Scott Johnson

Matt Jones - Tom Keyes - Shawn Kline - Adam Krause - David Ledesma

Colton Leprich - Dawn Lewis - Roger Luna - Roger McVay - Larry McWhorter

Nick O’Hara - Mark Peterson - Cody Robbins - Tabetha Roulette - Aaron Rutschman

Bruce Schlesener - Wilson Sharpe - Cory Sides - Jeff Skinner - Chris Smith

Justus Smith - Sam Trotter - Zach VanFleet - Tosh Wade - Michelle Walter

Lance Wilke - Cole Winckler