In it for the long haul — Two decades of global union solidarity at Bridgestone Firestone

Check out this May 14, 2019 Medium article that talks about how global solidarity helped settle the 94 strike.

"As companies continue to grow and integrate their global businesses unions will need to continue to expand and adopt models that rise to the scale their employers. While the strategic importance of building global union solidarity is self-evident to many in the labor movement, the barriers are also very real. Building global solidarity requires long-term relationship building and the dedication of serious resources. It takes time to break through cultural barriers, develop shared understandings of dramatically different labor relations systems, and develop strategic alignment. Unions around the world are facing dramatic challenges at all levels and dedicating the time and resources to building global solidarity and structures that can facilitate global campaigning is challenging. But the experience at Bridgestone-Firestone, through three dramatic and challenging labor disputes, offers a powerful example of what it takes to build solid global union networks and the potential of global union solidarity in building power for workers."