2019 Bargaining Committee Update #9

From Your 2019 USW Bargaining Committee

Friday, September-06-19                                                                                          Release #9

Good day Brothers and Sisters,

Your Bargaining Committee is hearing a lot of rumours from you, our members, and understand that this is a difficult time as negotiations reach the completion of our 2014-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

We are working on doing what is the right thing for everyone and we want to thank all of you who have been patient during the bargaining process. As we have said before, our goal has always been and will continue to focus on navigating negotiations with integrity and respect. 

At this point in the process it is important to know your Bargaining Committee is focussed on maintaining a firm but reasonable approach. Through the strong message you have given and the mandate that we are trying to achieve for you the membership, we appreciate the solidarity and firm and reasonable approach you have taken. As your Bargaining Committee, we appreciate and respect what you do every day of your lives to provide for yourselves and your families. Our hope is that Vale also recognizes the value in a healthy workforce and the potential that brings to them as we progress forward. 

For many of you, you understand the value and importance of what is required to maintain a healthy work career in this industry. We are going to continue to apply the right amount of pressure to the process and hope to be able to bring an offer to you.

Please contact the Union with any questions you may have about the bargaining process, and thanks for your ongoing support.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee

Warren, Scott, Matt, Keith, Dave and Todd.