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Hi Jamie please share this email to my Steelworkers Brothers and Sisters of local 6500. Having picketed myself and being a Steelworker member of local 1-2010 and have sat in numerous negotiations session and seen up close the greed of employers.

So Brothers and Sisters your fight is true and on the right side of history. Stay strong and Solidarity Forever. Solidarités mes Frères et Sœurs. 

Guy Bourgouin, MPP Mushkegowuk James Bay

We gave the company our proposal on June 2 shortly after lunch.

They have been working on the answer to this proposal for 6 days now.

We had meetings every weekday and we were on call all weekend, they did continue to work on their response throughout the weekend.

We met with them this morning and Vale stated they are still bargaining and continue to work on their response.

Please stay the course and keep up the phenomenal job of building Solidarity.

Thank you, Your Bargaining Committee

We are fielding a lot of inquiries about the Strike Assistance. We are in the process of collecting and uploading your information. The 1 penny "trial" deposit has NOT occurred yet. When it does, we will send out a mass text.

 Strike Assistance Pay will be as follows...

  •  A deposit will be made on June 25th

  •  Beginning July 9th and every two weeks after that deposits will be made to coincide with our regular pay schedule.

 In Solidarity, 

Thank you for your overwhelming support to return us to the bargaining table.

87% voter turnout - 70% rejection of the tentative deal. 

We are newly energized with this result and are looking forward to bringing your message to the company to let them know our work is not complete. 

Thank you,

Your Bargaining Committee


Dear Members,

Following extremely challenging negotiations, the Bargaining Committee for USW Locals 6500 and 6200 has reached a tentative agreement with Vale Canada Ltd.

Members of the USW Bargaining Committee are unanimously recommending this tentative agreement to the union membership for ratification.

Membership meetings to review terms of the tentative agreement will be held via Zoom sessions today, Monday, May 31, 2021, at 1:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

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