YOU can Make a Personal Difference

The Strike: Our 410 sisters and brothers at LU1016-03 who work at NLMK in Farrell, PA have been on an unfair labor practice strike since August 22, 2020. NLMK is a Russian-owned firm. The key issue in dispute is the company falsely claiming that they had reached an “impasse” in bargaining and implemented a vastly inferior health care plan without agreement. Charges on this are pending with the National Labor Relations Board. Since production stopped the company has shown no interest in reaching a solution at the bargaining table. Our members are digging in for a long dispute.

Strong Support: The strikers are now getting USW Strike and Defense benefits and many Local Unions and members have been generous in their financial support there. Even with this support, this is a very difficult time for our members. Our region’s members have endured a number of these long disputes and have come close in a number of others. Many of us have an understanding of what how hard it is to stay positive and meet basic needs. In an effort to take support for these situations to a new level, we want to try adding another layer of support.

Going to a new Level: The idea is simple. Below is a link to a special site where individual Steelworker families can join a network that will connect the NLMK Strikers directly with other Steelworkers in our region. The site allows you to make a financial contribution if you want. It will be greatly appreciated. We will provide your contact information to a NLMK striker family and they will give you a call. You’ll get a personal update on the situation and get to understand what our member families there are going through. As this dispute goes on, the strikers will pursue ways to influence public leaders and the community to bring the company to a resolution. We’re hoping this Network will help add support for those activities as well.

They Need to Know We’re With Them: In a very tangible way we want to connect our members together and make their fight everyone’s fight. As our 410 families in Farrell talk with us, it will be a huge lift as they personally know we are behind them. In a long dispute, this sense of support becomes critical in holding on “one day longer”.

To participate in the Network simply go to:

or use your cell phone to scan the QC code below.

Our Growing List of Participating Local Unions

USW LU 1016 - Farrell

USW LU 1219 – Braddock

USW LU 1557 – Clairton (tentative)

USW LU 2227 – West Mifflin

USW LU 3657 – USW Headquarters

USW LU 9306 – Wheatland Tube (tentative)

We Are Actively Inviting Local Unions to Participate

If Your Local Union is interested, Call (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Every dollar we contribute will go to our NLMK members