About the Movement

We are excited to announce and invite you to our annual celebration of Labor and community that we would have had during Black History Month, titled “Black Labor Week”. Black Labor Week will be taking place, September 20th-24th, 2021. These are our newly revised dates due to the alerted concern of the terrible Covid-19 Virus. This yearly event celebrates the accomplishments of past and present Civil and Workers Rights activists on the national and local level. Additionally, Black Labor Week also raises community awareness of current Labor issues while paying homage to our racial heritage. This year is very significant as we will be celebrating our tenth year Anniversary with a week filled with excitement, special guests and surprises.

This week was created to be held annually to develop an understanding why many people are unaware of the parallels between Black History and the Labor Movement. Constructing the platform of Black Labor Education, Community Service and Empowerment, leads us directly to  the purpose of this event, which is to build confidence in the Black community, where there’s so much disparity, poverty and limited resources. We wanted to give back in as many ways possible. We felt that this would be our dedication through Labor during Black History Month.

Black Labor Week was created by Ephrin Jenkins of USW Local 1014; it brings together trade unionists from different unions and community activists to celebrate the historical bonds between the labor movement and underserved communities.

Since its beginning in USW District 7, Black Labor week has expanded to USW District 4, and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) started a program last year. When young activists come together to celebrate our movement and do the work in our communities, our labor movement becomes much stronger. This is what Black Labor Week does. Our movement is strengthened by the yearly display of solidarity recognizing the historic achievements of black workers in the labor movement.

This year’s event will be in-person and masks and hand sanitizer provided to everyone attending. 


Black Labor Week Founder