TimkenSteel to waive deductibles one time only!

The Union has successfully convinced the TimkenSteel Corporation to waive this year's deductibles for individuals and families that did complete the biometric screening but did not complete the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), due to a lack of communication or misinformation.

This is a one-time only event. Going forward, everyone must complete both steps, in order to qualify for their deductibles to be waived.
Quick review: The $300/$600 deductibles can be waived when the biometric screening and the HRA are completed. The first step is the biometric screening during your routine physical with your doctor. The second step is the online completion of the Health Risk Assessment on MyCigna.com.
Any claims that were incurred from January 1st, 2023, will be reprocessed to reflect that the deductible credit has been given. This is only for those who completed their physical and biometric screening but did not complete the online portion of the HRA. The Company will be sending letters out to all affected employees.