The next Union meeting will be held on February 2, 2022, starting 4:30 pm at the Golden Lodge, 1234 Harrison Ave SW, Canton, Ohio 44706. 

There will be a EAF Attendant bid and an Solidification Attendant bid being posted in MARC tonight at midnight.

If you would like to bid but are unable to do so at the MARC kiosk because of quarantine please call the number below and leave a message.

All bid by phone voicemails should include the occupation, your Name, Clock number and AIN number located on the back of your badge. All voicemails need to be left while the bids are active to be valid.

Thank you,

Wanted: Help with the gate collections! Stop by or call the hall to sign up or donate. Thank you for your support!

To whom it may concern, anyone who is posting tik tok videos or pictures or anything of that type from inside any of the plants on any type of social media you need to stop doing that immediately. Labor relations has reached out to the Union to convey the message that no more videos or pictures are to be posted or this will be investigated and reprimand under Category 1, which could lead from discipline up to DISCHARGE will be given.

These Transition of Care forms are from the CIGNA website and may be helpful for members needing care that originated under the previous heaithcare coverage, These forms, if applicable, will need to be submitted by January 30, 2022. There are two pdf files in separate posts.

The December 2021 Golden Lodge news PDF is below the front page image. Click to open.

December 2021 GLN Front Page

Timkensteel has communicated that the Signing bonus will tentatively be paid on the 11/26 paydate and the retroactive pay increase will be a separate pay sometime on or near Dec. 3, 2021.