The Health Safety and Environment Committee investigates safety and health complaints from members and takes appropriate action to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.  This includes filing OSHA complaints when necessary.  They also investigate serious accidents, OSHA violations, and represent the Union at OSHA hearings.

Chairman USW Local 1123 Safety and Health Committee

Sean Els -  Safety Chair, Union Safety Training Representative

Faircrest Steel Plant FSP

Scott Mathie - Union Safety Representative (USR)

Daryl Smith - FAP Lead - BC 

Adam Holland - Caster

Mike Poole - Mechanical Maintainer Steelmaking

Curtis Green - Rolling Mill

John Lidderdale Jr. - Mechanical Maintainer Rolling Mill

Barry Allison - EAF Operator

Gambrinus Steel Plant (GSP)

Brock McDevitt - Union Safety Representative (USR)

Don Adams - Shipping

Shawn Lindner - Plant B

Mike Kemp - Tube Mills

Ed Smith - IFL

Harrison Steel Plant (HSP)

Trish Hostetler - Union Safety Representative (USR)

Willis McCoy - FAP Lead - Equipment Rebuild

Chad Steiner - Machine Shop

Mark Moore - Weld Shop

Mike Henderson - HRM Mill Operator

Gambrinus Roller Plant (GRP)

Joe Plott - Safety Chairman, GRP Unit President

Scott Baldwin


List of Committees

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