The Legislative Committee provides information to help members understand the impact pending bills in Congress and the State Legislature would have on working families.  They also make known which political candidates support working family needs.

The Committee also activates the Rapid Response Team, whose volunteer members pass along information about legislation that needs immediate action by the membership.  This is done by telephoning and/or handbilling at the gates.

Information is gathered from the AFL-CIO and the Steelworkers International Union.

The Rapid Response Team is a non-partisan grassroots, educational, communication, and action program that involves every member. It provides the necessary structure to inform all USW members about pending legislation concerning labor and work-related issues. All information identifies the issue, its affect on workers and their families, the sponsors and supporters. It also asks for a specific response.

Rapid Response Action Calls provide USW members with a way to respond to the educational material provided. Rapid Response also provides the necessary structure to activate the USW membership to allow for real change in our ability to influence the legislative process. This system affords the essential infrastructure to generate tremendous action on any given concern.

Rapid Response provides the tools to generate the changes that are necessary in the lesislative process to ensure that Labor survives and flourishes far into the future.

 Sean Els

Curtis Green                                                 Mike Kemp

Eric Laster

Bob McCabe                                               Brock McDevitt

Bill Miknis                                                     Lorrie Kerns

Trish Hostetler                                              Larry Staskey

Mike Widmer                                                Chris Collins

Joe Plott                                                       


List of Committees

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