Tentative agreement reached with Chevron SJVBU

Locals 12-6, 219, and 1945 have reached a tentative agreement with Chevron SJVBU regarding contract language. This agreement lets 1945 fall under the contract of 12-6 & 219 with some minor changes.  Changes include course class names for operator qualification and Craftsmen Helpers/Maintenance.  

There is also an added class of employee that is paid equivalent to a 12 hour HO when a new control center is built and language on how the staffing will occur.  

Additionally, there is language that on promoting from fieldman to operator they will now go to operator B then eventually A.  

And finally, the Company will now consider temporary management positions for represented personnel to fill in order to become experienced in a PT position or equivalent.  

This agreement is subject to membership approval and Local 12-6 will be voting on July 1, 2020 from 7am until 7pm.

Here is the tentative Agreement

Exercise your right to vote on this contract provision!