Locals 12-6, 219, and 1945 have reached a tentative agreement with Chevron SJVBU regarding contract language. This agreement lets 1945 fall under the contract of 12-6 & 219 with some minor changes.  Changes include course class names for operator qualification and Craftsmen Helpers/Maintenance.  

There is also an added class of employee that is paid equivalent to a 12 hour HO when a new control center is built and language on how the staffing will occur.  

Hi Mike, Chevron is calling laid off workers back to work to Chevron in Midway Sunset and Kern River California. This is great! However, Chevron is requiring them to repay their severance pay to get their job back, even though they only received eight weeks’ worth, and have been laid off for over 5 months now. How can Chevron justify this when they say that they want to keep happy workers and build trust? Forcing valued employees to repay money that they used to live off of after they were laid off by such a large corporation sounds petty. Why must Chevron do this?

Please get out and VOTE! VOTE!

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