Locals 12-6, 219, and 1945 have reached a tentative agreement with Chevron SJVBU regarding contract language. This agreement lets 1945 fall under the contract of 12-6 & 219 with some minor changes.  Changes include course class names for operator qualification and Craftsmen Helpers/Maintenance.  

There is also an added class of employee that is paid equivalent to a 12 hour HO when a new control center is built and language on how the staffing will occur.  

USW 2020 Constitutional Convention

The 2020 USW Constitutional Convention will be held on August 3-6 in Las Vegas Nevada.

Here is the Call Letter we received at the hall.

The Delegate will be selected by nomination and subsequent vote.  We will also be sending an observer to accompany the delegate.

Nominations will occur at our next regularly scheduled membership meeting post-COVID-19 issues with a vote held immediately after the meeting.

Come to the next USW Local 12-6 meeting and get your new Union Shirt!

Here's what they look like.

Here is an interesting article on employers getting fined for not including workers in their process safety teams.

USW Article