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Local 12160 is reaching out to members of Congress asking them to tell RWA there should be no cuts to our hours or public service. See the letter we sent to Representative DeLauro below.

Dear Representative DeLauro,

On August 6 we held another successful rally at RWA calling on the Authority to respect essential workers, our families and our customers! We were joined by our families, supports and State Senate candidate Jason Bartlett.

Rally at RWA


The members of USW Local 12160 provide an essential service for our community.  We are there for our community and customers even in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

USW Local 12160 members to picket Regional Water Authority, rally in support of essential workers

The members of USW Local 12160 will be holding an informational picket outside Regional Water Authority headquarters this Wed., Aug. 5, in their continued campaign against the company’s call for cuts amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“Water is essential, and so is the work of USW members,” said Wanda Howard, president of the local, which represents 120 workers.