On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, Ben Salazar, Steve Berendsen, Anthony Rubio, Ernie Quintana, and Marty Perez from USW Local 1440's Save Our Steel Mill Committee, along with Caitlin Vega and Sara Flocks from the California Labor Federation and Joshua Anijar from the Contra Costa Labor Council, met with Mary Hernandez and Jacque Roberts from Governor Gavin Newsom’s staff in Sacramento, California at the state capitol building. 

Together we voiced our concerns about the economic impact the closure of our mill will have on not just East County, but California, and how this will endanger the food supply chain of the United States, as well as being a national security concern.

After our meeting ended, we then met with California Assemblyman Tim Grayson, who represents California's 15th District. He took us into a meeting taking place with 15 to 20 legislators and industrial leaders from some major corporations, who were discussing how to save industrial jobs and the impact these losses will have on our state. We spoke with heart and passion, answered questions, and got our points across.

After that we went back to Assemblyman Grayson’s office where he told us he would write a letter in support of our cause. We then brainstormed with his Chief of Staff, Aaron Moreno on how to get an actual sit-down with Governor Newson, ways to get the media involved and how to be heard on a local and national level.

Overall, we left feeling confident and although we know it’s a longshot, we feel we still have a fighting chance. #SaveOurSteelmill #USW #USWLocal1440 

Top pic left to right back row: Caitlin Vega, Ernie Quintana, Josh Anijar, Ben Salazar, Sara Flocks,Steve Berendsen. Front row; Marty Perez, Anthony Rubio

Bottom pic left to right: Caitlin Vega, Ben Salazar, Marty Perez, Ernie Quintana, Steve Berendsen, Assemblyman Tim Grayson, Josh Anijar, Anthony Rubio