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Due to resignations and retirements, the positions of Vice President and Guard of USW Local #1440 are Available.

   Presidents letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

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Presidents letter

Brothers and Sisters of Local 1440, I hope everyone at UPI has had a chance to review and make their decision on the Summary that was put out on the proposed contract. Today is the Vote day so make sure you all get out to vote because every vote counts no matter how you decide to vote make sure your voice is heard by the ballot you fill out. Once voting is closed and all of the ballots are counted the results will be posed for everyone to see.


Notice contract Ratification

Vote Results: 2/5/20

Proposed Contract


January 31, 2020


Brothers and Sisters,


I would like to thank everyone for coming out to vote on the contract this past Tuesday; we had an 82% turnout and the proposed contract was voted down. We spent the next 24 hours fielding calls from members and listened to their questions and concerns and went back to the table Thursday morning to negotiate with the company. After negotiating back and forth, and making progress in some of the key areas of concern, the company ultimately proposed its last best and final contract proposal. 


We now officially have a tentative agreement.  We will be putting the summary together and will have it out as soon as possible so everyone has the true information. The company and Union have signed a contract extension that will end midnight February 8th.

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