Local 1440


Show Your Union Pride and Solidarity.

We Have received  our new Union Member T-Shirts.

They are now available for purchase at the Union Hall for $20.

They Come in all sizes

Presidents letter:

This month I need to start off with safety, so far in the first 3 months of the year we have 4 OSHA recordables.

Recent News

This is something every  union brother can do.

Yes its a long video, but great things come to who wait.

If you watch 20 min you will not be able to stop.

The cause of the accedent is normally the fix as well. The workers are not why it happen they are the how we fix it.

Together we Bargin, Devided We Beg !

Local 5 Tesoro Needs Our Help!

Company is trying to take the grievance process out of there contract !!

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