Helping retain Maintenance and contract Talks Resume.

As most of you may have already heard, the Union and the Company have come to an agreement to help retain and hire Maintenance Technicians at Uss/Posco, and this is something the Union and Company felt could not wait for the restart of negotiations. This agreement was made October 22, 2019, but the start of this process was during the 2015 contract negotiations. The Union and the Company recognized the increasing difficulty in retaining and hiring of MTM's and MTE's and therefore decided to come to an agreement to help stop the bleeding. How this agreement works is all incumbent MTM (labor grade 4) and MTE (labor grade 5) positions will be receiving an additional 48 point additive on top of their incentives. These adjustments will begin November 10th, 2019 so should show on the December 1st, 2019 check.
As for the rest of our membership who may feel left out, the Union is still working hard to make way on getting fair and reasonable wages for our membership at UPI. This issue of losing and not being able to replace MTM's and MTE's was a detrimental issue to our ability to maintain equipment and keep our process line running and equipment running safely, and so required immediate action
Contract negations will resume November 20th.

-- In Solidarity, Ben Salazar