Please read the following and know we are doing everything we can to get this issue resolved and achieve what the membership wants.

We are working with the International Union to get a Negotiating meeting set for this week.

***Do not do anything out of the ordinary and Please make sure safety is always your first concern.*****

We are sending this to the membership so all will understand where we are at as of right now.

The plant shutdown will be averted If we can obtain an extension or come to a tentative agreement before 11:59pm on Friday the 31st.

Any questions Please call the Union Hall.


  The Following email below was sent out to the Leadership of the Union and Management.


Due to the rejection of the settlement agreement the current contract extension will expire on Friday. In preparations of this we are beginning the orderly shutdown of the facility. The CA line should be shutting down shortly, with other units to follow. This action is not being taken lightly as it will incur additional expenses for the company and potentially interrupt service to our customers, however we feel it must be done to mitigate the costs of an unplanned shutdown.