Mike Pugh

USW Member retirement questions….                                                    

Name    Mike Pugh

Total years working at the Prattville Mill.     47

 Total years in Operations    22

 Total years in Maintenance.    25

 Areas in the mill you worked  Worked in every area of the mill with the exception of Technical.

 Plans upon retirement.  Not working nights or weekends. Running personal businesses. Traveling.

 Hobbies?  Hunting, Fishing, Motor cycling riding.

 Any info/advise would like to share on the retirement preparation? Things to consider?  Start the process of retiring early. I started approximately 5 years ago. The process takes a lot of time. Examine your debt load. Is your dept load down or nonexistent? Don’t carry debt into retirement.

 How did you know it was time to retire?  I just knew. With the age of 65, medical insurance was affordable.

 Any special memories you would like to share with other employees?  We end up spending more time with fellow employees than we do with our family. Be courteous to others.

 People who influenced you from the mill in a positive way.  A lot of people. I hired at the age of 18.

 What advice for the new guys?  Listen, don’t argue. Learn.

 What advice for the guys with 25 years in with the company?  Join the (QCS) Quarter Century Society.

 How do you want to be remembered?  Want to be remembered as a nice guy.

 Would you be willing to come back as a guest to a Local Union Meeting to share with Post Retirement advise?  Yes

 Last comments  None.