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 February 8, 2018 marked the one-year anniversary of the explosion at PCA in DeRidder that killed 3 employees.

 In a letter written in late January, US Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), urged President Trump to address China’s latest unfair trade practices and balancing the trade deficit.

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In April, we stood with President Trump when he called for an investigation to examine the importance of steel to our national security. We said then and believe now that it’s about time we have actions such as this from the White House to remind people that a strong steel industry, from the mines to the mills, is the backbone of our country, our infrastructure and our military.

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CSB Releases Final Report into Chemical Release at MGPI Industries; Report Emphasizes Key Safety Lessons to Prevent Future Inadvertent Mixing Incidents – The U.S. Chemical Safety Board released its case study titled “Key Lessons for Preventing Inadvertent Mixing During Chemical Unloading Operations,” which examines a mixture of incompatible materials at the MGPI Processing Plant in Atchison, Kansas on October 21, 2016.

On December 11, 2017, a member of local 12943 received multiple injuries to his hand. Preliminary information is that the member’s hand was pinned against the fork truck mast by a paper machine’s stock screen door.

Catalogs are getting a new lease on life as retailers try to battle email fatigue and other factors.

In one TV commercial from this year’s Toys R Us holiday campaign, a mom sweats through her cycling workout while her suspiciously helpful daughter tries to stir up a breeze.

“I’m just gonna leave this right here,” the girl says, covering the stationary bike’s display with her impromptu fan — an old-school mail-order catalog.

On November 5, 2017, a member of USW Local 2-94 suffered multiple injuries to his left hand and arm. The complete details are unknown but preliminary information is that a winder helper, was attempting to remove loose paper, when his left hand and arm were caught in an in-going nip point on the #88 Winder.

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