Members of Local 1011 March 17th, 2021

Sisters and Brothers,

I was notified that the SUB pay arbitration case we recently won, will be paid out on this upcoming pay date of March 29th. Rich and I do have a copy of who along with the amount being paid out so feel free to contact either one of us.

In 2020, eight $1,000 scholarships were awardedtochildren/grandchildren of Steelworkers by ICD.

The Tino Fulimeni Scholarship Fund was established to honor the memory of Brother Fulimeni. Tino was a fanatic about ICD. His commitment and contribution are evident in the success of the Career Development Program.

Jaime Quiroz

USW Local 1011 President

I am so excited and pleased to announce our very own Union Brother Swifty Sanders (BOF), who is a contestant and appearing on the 2nd season of “Tough as Nails”. First episode will be aired on CBS February 10th 7pm.  Join me in showing some support to our Brother Swifty and make sure to tune in.

“I’m with local 1011, formally ArcelorMittal, now Cleveland Cliffs, with 9 years of service. For me the choice to compete was easy, I liked what the show stood for in showcasing the hard working blue collar Americans out there. To have a life changing opportunity along with being on a show that highlighted the importance of the dedicated hard working people like me. It was a total win win!! I’m so blessed and thankful for this opportunity,”-Swifty Sanders.

*******Begins 09-27-2021, at 8:00AM*******

Cleveland-Cliffs’ Burns Harbor, Indiana Harbor and Riverdale locations (the “Hiring Locations”) will be accepting applications for hourly bargaining unit Utility Person positions to maintain a pool of candidates for potential future job openings. The application process is open to any individual that chooses to apply. Current employees may also use this Notice to inform their relatives of the steps they need to take if they are interested in applying for future employment at any Hiring Location. Resumes will not be accepted at the Hiring Locations and those interested in applying must follow the process described below.

May 15.2021

Profit Sharing Pool

First Quarter 2021

The 9/1/18 USW agreement provides for a profit sharing pool of 7.5% of the company's profits, defined as Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT). The company reported an unaudited Adjusted EBIT of $106,832,880.15. As a result, there was $8,012,466.01 in profit sharing generated for the pool using the Basic Labor Agreement calculations.

So here’s what I have found out after questioning our lawyer in Pittsburgh reguarding emails and mail about the class action law suit on BCBS.


East Chicago, Indiana 46312-2122
Phone: (219) 398-3150
Fax: (219) 392-0447

Update 4-6-2021

Sisters and Brothers

I’m pleased to announce on March 22nd Director Mike Millsap gave us full authority to enforce Article 2, Section F7 (Expedited Procedure) of the BLA. For those unfamiliar with the section, this is separate from the Grievance Procedure, Article 5, Section I. The Step 3s and Arbitration will still be handled by our District 7 Sub 5 staff.

March 18, 2021


Attention all members:

The USW Local 1011 General Election
Will be held on
Wednesday April, 14, 2021.

The Election ballots
Will be mailed on Wednesday March 24, 2021.

If you do not receive a ballot by April 1, 2021,
Please contact the Election Committee.

at USW – L.U. 1011 office located at 3629 Euclid Avenue, East Chicago, Indiana 46312.

Letter from Cliffs about 2020 safety performance and (no) Profit Sharing: 4th Quarter.

In Solidarity
Jaime Quiroz
Local President
[email protected]

                        NO PROFIT SHARING FOR THE 4th QUARTER 2020
Dave McCall is in the process of scheduling a call next week with the Cliffs Controller and Rob Fisher (LR) to discuss and understand the calculations. After the call, Dave plans to set up a call with us Local Presidents to talk about the results. I'll keep you all posted.

In Solidarity
Jaime Quiroz
USW 1011 President