Take Action

With each passing year, retirement security is increasingly difficult for Americans to achieve, even after a lifetime of work.  That’s why we need to protect, strengthen, and expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and pensions. 

 As we move into 2018, more and more discussions coming out of Washington are about potential cuts to our earned benefits. That’s why the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) is teaming up with Rapid Response to take on these issues. Rapid Response is our union’s education and action program on legislative issues. 

We’re launching a postcard campaign as a way of building our power. We hope you will join our effort by getting retirees to sign the postcards, then sign up to continue receiving information from SOAR and Rapid Response moving forward. 

You may also join by visiting the following link and adding your support. Your name will be transferred to a postcard and delivered to your Senators and Representative on your behalf. 

Sign the Postcard! Visit:

When we all work together, we win!

In April, we stood with President Trump when he called for an investigation to examine the importance of steel to our national security. We said then and believe now that it’s about time we have actions such as this from the White House to remind people that a strong steel industry, from the mines to the mills, is the backbone of our country, our infrastructure and our military.