United Steelworkers Local 1016

 We are one of the largest and most active Local's in Northwest District 10! With legacy facilities to newly organized plants, we are a diverse Amalgamate made up of multiple sectors.

Take Action

The United States Government, through the National Labor Relations Act,

Gives you the RIGHT to:

• Help form or JOIN A UNION
• BARGAIN over wages, benefits and working conditions with your employer
• TALK ABOUT THE UNION at work as you would talk about any other subject
• DISTRIBUTE UNION LITERATURE in non-work areas, on non-work time (breaks)
• WEAR UNION BUTTONS and/or insignia at work

It is ILLEGAL for your employer to:
• THREATEN or coerce you in any way
• RETALIATE against you in any way for union activities
• CLOSE THE FACILITY or threaten, directly or indirectly, to close the facility simply because a union is organized
• LAY OFF EMPLOYEES or threaten, directly or indirectly, to lay off employees simply because a union is organized
• THREATEN, directly or indirectly, that you will lose wages, benefits, or working conditions by choosing a union
• PROMISE increases in pay or benefits during a campaign if employees vote against the union
• SPY on your union activities
• ASK YOU about your union activities or attitudes

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