USW Local 1299 Member Education Classes

 USW Local 1299 is pleased to announce that we will begin offering the USW Workshop series Union training courses, through Wayne State University, again at the Local.

The instructors are slated to be Jackie Daugherty, Dennis Albers and the director of WSU Labor studies Gayle Hamilton.

The courses offered will be the following (dates and instructors subject to change);

"History of the Steelworkers" June 14th (4pm-7pm) and 17th (9am-12pm)

"Roles of a Union Representative" July 12th (4pm-7pm) and 15th (9am-12pm)

"Intro to Grievance Handling" August 16th (4pm-7pm) and 19th(9am-12pm)

"Advance Grievance Handling" September 13th (4pm-7pm) and 16th (9am-12pm)

"FMLA Overview and Update" October 11th (4pm-7pm) and 14th (9am-12pm)

"Building the Union" November 8th (4pm-7pm) and 11th (9am-12pm)

All interested members are encouraged to contact President Jim Allen at "[email protected]" to secure attendance as seating is limited. As always, this is done during non regular working hours.

Hope to see you there