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Brothers and Sisters,

Because of the Pandemic, you can suspend your loan payments untill January 2021.  Any payments not made will go towards the 90-day default.  Please contact Empower to arrange loan suspension at 1-844-465-4455.  Questions? Call Matt at the Union Hall.  

Brothers and Sisters,

Open jobs are up for bid today until next Thursday at 11am.  If you are still out on unemployment and want to know what jobs are up, please call the Union Hall.

Brothers and Sisters,

If you are still on unemployment, please read the questions carefully when filing for your weekly claim, for some have changed.  If you have any questions, please call the Union Hall.

Brothers and SIsters,

All employees who have not been called back to work will be back to work on July 13, 2020 or sooner if contacted by Goodyear to report.  If you have questions please call the Union Hall at 234-5688.  

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