Scott Tummons

Financial Secretary
(785) 234-5688

1603 NW Taylor Street Topeka, Kansas.

Scott has been employed with Goodyear since the summer of 1989 and has an adjusted service date of November 5th, 1992.  He was originally hired as vacation relief. He worked three summers before hiring on permanently.  Like many of us he was a member of the United Rubber Workers before our merger with the United Steelworkers.

He has worked at several jobs throughout his career and held representative positions on the factory floor as a shift steward, Radial Truck Vice Chairman and a member of the Executive Board. He was elected as Financial Secretary in 2009 and retains that position toay.  He has always enjoyed his time of service as an officer and continues to appreciate the privilege of working with and for our members of United Steelworkers Local 307.