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While we’re watching the devastation of the recent Hurricanes from around the nation, many of our members are experiencing the catastrophe first hand. Thousands live and work in the direct paths of these storms. We know that USW members have lost homes, vehicles and more. In some places, entire neighborhoods are underwater or have been destroyed. Some of our members who are impacted themselves are fighting through waters and rubble to help rescue neighbors in need. And, this is just the beginning of the stories.

In April, we stood with President Trump when he called for an investigation to examine the importance of steel to our national security. We said then and believe now that it’s about time we have actions such as this from the White House to remind people that a strong steel industry, from the mines to the mills, is the backbone of our country, our infrastructure and our military.

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  • Change your oil? Fix your brakes? Something else?
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  • Call to sign up- Hall: 288-9547 ICD: 288-9946 

Check out the upcoming classes coming to ICD. All ICD classes are scheduled as we get enough interest, and according to who signs up, from what shift. Many are one-n-done. Sign up, learn what you want, & be done, with no prolonged time commitment!

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