Local Union General Election Info

The Election Committee, being diligent in performance of office duties to the membership and to the greatest extent possible, has verified each and every candidate. In order to run for an elected position, each and every candidate has been reviewed and has met the requirements set forth under Article III, Section 3; Article VII, Section 9; and under the Landrum-Griffin Act established in the International United Steelworkers Local Election manual. The eligible candidates are as follows and will appear on the ballot in the upcoming election on Tuesday April 6, 2021 from 6am -7pm at the Main Gate.


Bruce Aubrey 

Mike Beland

Tim Dobkins

Brenda English

Bob Hall

Stephen Haney

Russell Harris

LaMark Haywood

Chad Howard

Ray Jackson

Ryan Kadish

Tony Lewis Sr

William Lowe

David Marr

Sean Mills

Bill Richardson

John Robbins

Gus Sandilla

Frank Schwartz

Bryan Scott

Sarah Smith

Marlene Stubbs

Jack Tipold

Pete Trinidad Jr

Pete Trinidad Sr

Donald Vanderploeg

David Williams

Marcella Wood

Shawn Zuk