Lockout at Local 13-1 Deer Park TX

Our USW brothers and sisters at DOW Chemical are locked out.
The company has insisted on ridiculous concessions in bargaining and given a last and final offer that rolls back significant protections for the workers. 98% of the workers voted NO on this contract, and so the company has responded not by continuing to negotiate, but by locking them out. These workers are fighting one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world. They are on the front lines fighting not only for a fair contract but in this fight against corporate greed, they are fighting for all of us.
Now more than ever these union brothers and sisters need our support. The company has cut off their paychecks, but let’s show Dow that they can never cut off the solidarity and support of the labor movement in Texas.

National Grid is jeopardizing the safety of our communities by locking out 1,100 of its most experienced employees who are critical to ensuring safe and quality gas work in Massachusetts.