Petition to End the Government Shutdown

We’d Fight if an Employer Ever Tried to Make Us Work Without Pay

Let’s Do the Same for Those Impacted by the Shutdown by Signing
this Solidarity Petition

Federal employees arein a terrible position. During this longest-in-our-nation’s-history government shutdown, those deemed “essential” can either go to work with no idea when they’ll see a paycheck or face discipline. The law is not on their side thanks to provisions in the Taft Hartley Act of 1947, which delivered a wave of restrictions on workers power.
These are our fellow union members. Many are veterans. They didn’t ask for this. Like all of us, they have bills to pay.

For them and all who are impacted by this shutdown – including our own members – it is time for this standoff to end. Congress has the power. Back in December, the Senate passed a bill that would have provided funding to reopen the government. The House took similar action this month. But, we need more action now.

Please lend solidarity to all those feeling the sting of this shutdown by signing the petition below. Sign the Petition!

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