The next regular Union meetings scheduled will be held on Wednesday, July 17, 2024, at 9:00am and 4:30pm.

Hot off the press.....Latest issue of the Golden Lodge News. Click link below front page image. Happy reading! Spring 2022 GLN Front page

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We put past Golden Lodge News pdfs under the "List Of Committees" banner.  Just double click to open listing, scroll down and click to open the newsletter you want. Happy reading!

Good News  It had been brought to our attention that some retirees had received a statement for their medial premiums, even though they had already been deducted from their January 2022 pension.

Here's the response from Benefits/HR:

Grainger Boot Truck ScheduleBeginning March 1, 2022 all TimkenSteel employees working in or entering one of our manufacturing facilities will be required to wear metatarsal boots.

To whom it may concern, anyone who is posting tik tok videos or pictures or anything of that type from inside any of the plants on any type of social media you need to stop doing that immediately. Labor relations has reached out to the Union to convey the message that no more videos or pictures are to be posted or this will be investigated and reprimand under Category 1, which could lead from discipline up to DISCHARGE will be given.

These Transition of Care forms are from the CIGNA website and may be helpful for members needing care that originated under the previous heaithcare coverage, These forms, if applicable, will need to be submitted by January 30, 2022. There are two pdf files in separate posts.