Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and county mandates and the impact that these restrictions will have on the upcoming local union elections, USW International Executive Board have sent guidelines that we will use to be able to conduct nominations and elections to ensure the entire local membership has full opportunity to participate and nominate their candidate selections while following protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of the local union membership.

Donate Now Until 12/17!

Our goal is $10,000 Company will match any and all we Donate!

See Flyer attach!

Union Meeting Dec. 10th 2020 is canceled due to covid shelter in place. We will resume meetings when able by local law.

During our partnership meeting with the company, we were given an update on business and the upcoming plans for 2021 at UPI.

Thanksgiving is a time to step back, observe.

To be thankful for family, friends, and work.

During this time, we like to remind you the worker, our brothers and sisters on the importance of yourself.

The essential worker, who keeps the lights on, the machines running, and the healthcare going.

Union meetings are back !!!

limited number of people and mask are required .

second thrusday of the month at 530 like normal.